Hello and welcome

Originally from Halle an der Saale, my path has led me, via various places, to Mannheim. At the beginning I thought it was just a stopover, but now I live and work in Mannheim since 2013. My professional path led me after an apprenticeship as an IT system salesman to the German Armed Forces, where I was able to learn, see and experience a lot for 12 years as a signalman. During this time, I was interested in graphics and design. At the end of my service in the German Armed Forces I took the chance of a change and completed an apprenticeship as a graphic designer to give my passion the necessary quality.

Besides my enthusiasm for IT and graphic design, I also love science fiction and computer games. I’m a rather restless person who likes to learn new things. Therefore I have a broad knowledge and see myself more as an all-rounder than a specialist. So I like to screw at my PC and solve problems I wouldn’t have without it, create websites or something to print. For a while I also created mods for a game and tried my hand at 3D modeling with Blender, but that doesn’t make me happy anymore. But I always have some new things in my head that I would like to do.

My main job is working for an internet provider for student dorms, microapartments and boardinghouses as IT support/technician and in-house graphic designer. This wild mix offers me a nice change without which I would probably get bored very quickly.

I run my website as a platform to show my part-time and hobby work with others.