Christoph Rupsch

[ Graphic Designer ]

About me

My career as a graphic designer led me through a few detours, such as my training as an IT system merchant and the 12 years as a signaller in the German Armed Forces. During this time, I was already very much interested in graphics and design. At the end of my service in the German Armed Forces, I took advantage of the opportunity of change and completed a training as a graphic designer to give my passion the necessary quality. In addition to my pleasure in designing, I love my adopted home Mannheim (in Germany) and am a long-time supporter of the crowdfunding project Star Citizen. Therefore, it is very close for me to create things for it and share it with others.


Free Content


You can find me in the listed networks and follow my work. Feel free to send me a message, no matter if it’s feedback, a question or just a hello, I’m looking forward to it. Simply use the contact form or send me an e-mail to: mail[at]

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