BUGA 2023

April 2017

The Federal Garden Show (German: Bundesgartenschau, short “BUGA”) will come to Mannheim in 2023. This great event is also viewed controversially or critically by some, but the preparations on the part of the city administration are already underway. There is enough time until 2023, but my personal anticipation is great enough to inspire me to create this poster.

BUGA 2023 Mannheim Poster

With the Friedrichsplatz around the water tower, Mannheim has one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in Germany. What could be more obvious than an Art Nouveau-inspired poster for the Federal Garden Show, mixed with a bit of modern and a flowery mandala.

At the moment the poster is no longer available, but I am currently working on offering it again. When the time comes, there is necessary information here.

Besides the poster, a postcard version was also printed, which was available at various retailers in Mannheim.