Magazin – der Kartellbote

November 2015


The “Kartellbote” was a project of the Star Citizen Community Organisation “das Kartell”. When the idea of an organization magazine was pushed by a member in February 2015, I was still in my studies as a graphic artist. I quickly took the opportunity to support the project and improve my own skills. A multi-person editorial team was quickly formed to take care of the content. My job was to make them beautiful. The “Kartellbote” was published every 14 days for several months, and over the course of time, due to the enormous amount of time required by the few members of the editorial staff, it was changed to a monthly rhythm.

The “Kartellbote” was created as an interactive PDF, which was optimized for the desktop view. The appearance was inspired by the user interface design of the first “Mobiglas” versions from the Star Citizen Alpha. Altogether 25 issues were created, whereby the magazine was given a new design by me with the 14th issue. Up to issue 17 I actively took over the graphical editing. After that, I only supported the editorial staff in an advisory capacity, as the time required to complete my graphic design thesis was no longer affordable.

The last three versions I created can be downloaded directly here. If you would like to see everyone else, you can do so on the cartel’s organisation website. You can find the overview with this link: