Urban Neighbours

December 2014


Urban Neighbours was a project I did while studying graphic design. The task was to work out an individual design on the topic of “Urban Neighbours” in one week and to implement it in screen printing. The premises of the District Association of Fine Artists in Mannheim’s old fire station were available to us for practical realization. Which also still offer different courses for interested people. In addition to screen printing, for example, the laboratory development of analogue photographs. Have a look at their website: http://bbk-mannheim.de

Within the scope of this project the following designs were created, of which the first picture from variant 3 made it into screen printing. Since the degree of complexity increases with the size of the printing area and the number of colours used in screen printing, you should therefore consider your motif carefully. Each colour represents its own printing process with its own screen. This means, for example, that you first make 20 printing passes with the colour red and then let it dry. Afterwards, each sheet already printed is re-aligned for the next screen and the next colour. This is repeated until all colours have passed through. The difficulty lies in the craftsmanship, as only 3 of the 20 prints turned out to be something. One of these 3 has been hanging proudly in my apartment since the project week and delights not only me, but also all visitors.


Layout variant 1

Layout variant 2

Layout variant 3