Star Citizen 3D Data

[ Links to the 3D data of the RSI website ]

License and use

Cloud Imperium Games Corporation has the copyright of the 3d data. Star Citizen(r) is a registered trademark of Cloud Imperium Rights LLC.


I use this 3D data for my posters and graphics. The links refer to the RSI website where they are used for the Holoviewer. As soon as there will be changes, I will update them.

If you like my work and would like to do something good for me, I always look forward to a donated coffee. Alternatively you can use my referral code STAR-KNPB-MFZH for a second account.

With the program OpenCTM you can view the data and save it in another file format.
Note: = 3D data current design | = 3D data outdated design | = 3D data not available
last update: Nov 30, 2018


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